Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Little Welsh Wood Campsite

Here’s some of the most common questions we get asked about our woodland camping site in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us about anything we may have missed out.

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What time is check in/check out?

Arrivals are from 3-8pm, please contact us if you know you will be late. Check out for our glamping units is 10.30am, check out for camping pitches is 11am.  Due to Covid-19, we need as much time as possible on turnaround days to thoroughly disinfect facilities before our next arrivals.

Where can I park my car?

Our old cattle and silage yard is now a car park!  This is a large yard just at the entrance to our campsite where there is plenty of room for your vehicle and also an electric car charging point.  We do not allow cars into the woodland but we provide wheelbarrows for you to bring your camping gear to your pitch.  All of the pitches are nearby and it only takes a few minutes to walk to our furthest pitch which is about 200 metres away. Please drive very slowly in the yard in case there are children and dogs about.

Do you have anywhere for children to play?

There is plenty of room for children to enjoy running around and having adventures in the Little Welsh Wood but we do not have playground equipment.

Children & Risk

Our aim is for children to have a truly enriching experience of space and freedom and we do assess risks to ensure our site is as safe as it can be given its woodland environment and the nature of our offering. However, as we have a working farm (albeit a small version) there are contingent risks to be aware of and you are responsible for assessing these risks and taking necessary precautionary measures for your own and your family’s safety: we allow campfires;  some of the glamping structures have wood burning stoves; there is a nearby spring leading to a boggy area (which is not part of the campsite and is fenced off); there is woodland wildlife and plants; there are cattle and horses in adjacent fields and we have various chores to do in the Summer – so there are tractors and machinery around. These risks are small and should be self-evident – but if you are not sure, please ask!  Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children on site at all times.

Is it dangerous to camp in a wood with big trees?

We have engaged a woodland consultant to help us risk assess the dangers posed by our trees in bad weather and together we have come up with a plan.  We have located our camping pitches in areas least likely to be affected by falling twigs and branches and we have a policy to relocate campers to the adjacent field in the event of forecasted high winds.  Additionally,  if a storm blows in without notice, visitors can move to the safety in our farm buildings until it blows over.  If you have any concerns about dangerous weather when you are on site, just take yourself to one of our places of safety.

Do you have shared pitches for two families?

Yes we do but these will be counted as two separate bookings and allocated their own facilities for toilets and showers . We have an area where we can combine two pitches to make one large area for those holidaying with extra friends & family but it will need to be in line with Covid 19 rules.

Are large parties welcome?

We welcome guests who will enjoy countryside and wildlife and are happy to accommodate extended family groups.  However, this is not a rowdy party venue and  we have to be mindful of Covid 19 and follow all rules in place at the time of your holiday.  We also operate a quiet policy to keep noise to a minimum between 10pm and 7am.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes, we are! We allow well behaved dogs on site (maximum two dogs per pitch). Dogs must be kept on the lead while on site and not bark excessively and disturb other guests. Please pick up any dog mess and put it in our dog poo bin.   You must not allow your dogs to run free in the adjacent field as this provides fodder for farm animals and must not be contaminated with dog poo!

Do you have electric hook ups?

Yes, we have full electric hook-ups on our glamping pitches.  We also have electric hook ups to a few of our camping pitches but please note these are low amp supplies designed for typical camping appliances only.  We also have phone charging points in the cowshed but we do not take responsibility for the safekeeping of your device when it is on charge.

Is there WiFi on site?

Sorry, we do not have WiFi on site, but there is mobile phone signal. We encourage guests to have some downtime away from their devices and enjoy the great outdoors.

What must I bring?

Campers must bring everything they need for a camping holiday including tent, duvet/sleeping bags, pillows, towels, tea towels, toiletries, insect repellent and a simple first aid kit, as well as food, cooking equipment and tableware, ice packs, rubbish bags and food storage boxes.  We suggest you bring some extra blankets or a hotwater bottle because it can get cold at night.  Also bring plenty of warm clothes, wellies and wet weather gear (we are in Wales after all!) plus some flip flops for showering.

Glampers  need only bring towels, food, food storage boxes, rubbish bags plus warm clothes, wet weather gear, and flip flops for showering.  To help keep our glamping units clean, please also bring indoor shoes  and take care to leave dirty footwear outside under cover.

Campers and Glampers are recommended to bring torches to find your way in the dark .  We also suggest binoculars for bird watching; walking shoes or proper footwear if you are walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Can we have a campfire?

Camping wouldn’t be camping without a fire!  Please only use the designated campfire places and do not enlarge or alter the position of the designated campfire.  All we ask is that you don’t light a fire when it is very windy and that you never leave it unattended.  We can supply you with sustainably sourced logs and kindling at reasonable cost or you can bring your own.  Please do not collect firewood or  take fallen branches from our wood as they are integral to our ecosystem.  If you are unfamiliar with campfires and cooking we can give you the knowhow and some recipes to get you started.

How do we cook and store food?

Our glamping pods are supplied with cooking equipment,  a gas hob and a cool box (The Retreat has its own fridge/freezer) and we have a freezer for re-freezing  ice packs.  Campers must bring their own cooking  equipment although we do have some camp fire grills you can use.  Campers can use our freezer to refreeze  their ice packs.   Campers and Glampers may use our fridge and freezer to store small quantities of food (if Covid rules allow at the time).  Don’t  waste the heat – make use of your fire to heat water for washing up or filling hotwater bottles.

How do we dispose of our recycling and rubbish?

A condition of camping here is that you separate glass, cans, plastic, paper, cardboard etc. placing them in the special bins provided. What is left, ie. anything that is not recyclable can be placed in the landfill bin. Our waste area is ideally located between the facilities area and car park and we suggest you bring your waste to the bins whenever you are passing.  This minimises rubbish on site and helps ensure that you don’t inadvertently encourage vermin to the site.

Will we see Badgers, Foxes and other wildlife?

It’s nice to know that you might get a glimpse of these creatures.  At night you’ll probably hear them scurrying around for sure. The problem is that they are looking for an easy feast and may try to raid your food stocks and recycling. One or two simple precautions will help. Put your food in suitable, hard containers and your recycling in the bins provided. Don’t leave food scraps lying around and make sure your tent is zipped up at bedtime.

What if I lose my Property on site?

We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen property.  Tell us if you have lost something and we will look out for it.  Also tell us if you have found anything and we will do our best to return it to its rightful owner.

Is smoking allowed on site?

All the glamping units and all the undercover facilities are strictly NO SMOKING. If you smoke, do it outside and dispose of your cigarette end safely  in the campfire or bin.

Can we empty our portable toilet?

If you bring a portable toilet and wish to dispose of the contents, WE DO NOT ALLOW disposal in our septic tank or any flushing toilet on-site.

You may only empty portable toilets in our tank if you have used environmentally friendly chemicals (green ones, not blue). Please dispose of in our dedicated CDP container which is marked on our site plan.

Can I get to you by public transport?

Nearly!  Trains and coaches can take you to Milford Haven but you will need a taxi to our site which is about three miles from the town.

How far are you from the sea?

We are just three miles by road from Sandy Haven, a lovely quiet and unspoilt beach, perfect for dog walking, crabbing and photography.  The picturesque Little Haven and family friendly Broad Haven are both less than 5 miles away. We are ideally situated for exploring the Dale Peninsula and Skomer Island as well as the sheltered Cleddau Estuary running inland from Milford Haven.

Photo Credit – Visit Pembrokeshire (Sandy Haven Beach)

Where are the nearest shops?

The nearest town is Milford Haven about three miles away, where you will find all the amenities you need.   Just six miles away (a 10 minute drive) is Haverfordwest, our County Town, which has larger stores including Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi and M&S Food. The Haverfordwest branches of Tesco and Morrisons offer delivery services and they also have a click and collect service.


Much closer, our next door neighbour is ‘Fresh and Fruity’, a greengrocer who can make a daily deliveries to us.  As well as fresh fruit and veg, bread and milk, you can order pretty much everything with them…including alcohol! Let us know in advance if you would like to place an order and we will send over their contact details. Also nearby is Steynton Farm Shop which is run by our cousin Steve and his wife Jo, who are  organic farmers selling milk, eggs and vegetables and delicious milk shakes fresh from their  farm gate shop.  It is definitely worth a visit (or two) during your holiday.

Where is the nearest pub and place to eat out?

The closest pub is about 1.5 miles away in Tiers Cross and the closest after that would be in Milford Haven.  There is plenty of choice to eat and drink at Milford Waterfront  which sits on the Marina and where you will find lots of excellent eateries offering everything from  fine dining  to a pizza bar and fish and chips and just about anything in between.  It’s a lovely place to sit and enjoy some food and drink and watch the boats come into the harbour.

Photo Credit – Martha’s Vineyard

We are opening our little wood to visitors to raise funds for improving the farm’s bio-diversity through the generation of new mixed woodland, hedgerows and ponds.    We see it as ‘giving something back to the land and we have tried very hard to be eco-conscious with our development so that we can offer you some creature comforts and yet be sustainable and sympathetic to our environment.  We hope you will visit us soon and come back, again and again, to see how our regeneration programme is going.